Twilight Trance

The soft and warm rays gave luster to her countenance, brightening up the smile of chapped lips it carried. A striking contrast of the backdrop of pristine waters and gentle waves made it a spectacle.

Eyes displayed the tangerine glimmer as she stared endlessly into the horizon. Wrinkles were brought to life, like I time-traveled for a score and beheld and pondered for the very first time.

These rays that bestowed this moment’s magnificence are the same rays that gave her hands’ chestnut-colored spots through the years.

Laid on her lap was her arm proudly decorated with scars of timeless service and lavish outpouring of love. To and fro, her foot tapped for its signature mannerism while her index finger wandered and doodled on the fine particles of quartz and minerals.

I wanted to witness the flash of memories that moment provoked inside the small world she was suddenly caught up to.

The sun displayed its mundane glorious dusk. Ironically, it was different during that time. Its upper-half was glistening, as if it would be its last, above the horizon that was slowly devouring. The last light seemed unwilling to pave way for the stars to twinkle, like summer leaves not wanting to fall.

My mother’s gaze finally lost the last beam. Please take care of your niece when I’m gone. Into the silence, we were stilled by her last remark. Like nothing happened, we all mindlessly stood and headed for the beach hut to spend the night.


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