When Her Hands Shook In Hunger

We just got home from church service one usual Sunday noon. Without words, Mamang was just on the kitchen doing the mundane task of cooking and preparing our meal. She then called us for lunch. Before I proceeded to the table, I went to her in the kitchen. There, I saw Mamang’s hands shaking while pouring the vegetable soup into the bowl. Her hands were shaking in hunger, yet she was thinking about us first before filling her own stomach. My heart was crushed because of what my eyes just witnessed. I did not speak for few minutes or my voice would’ve just trembled while I broke down in tears.

This might be just one of those selfless moments of sacrifice a mother could bravely do for her family. Witnessed or not, their love do not cease – even in untold and silent times when they’re away or when they think about us before going to sleep deep in the night.

Witnessing how difficult it was for Papang to cope up with my college expenses, I can recall how Mamang cried so hard over the phone when she boarded the ship to work for a family in Manila. I felt helpless hearing her sobs. She had not probably cared about the other passengers in the economy section seeing her crying. She cried up to the first few nights when she arrived at Sir Carlo’s residence. Time went swift and her four-year service to the family was over. I was joyful that the three daughters of Ma’am Nona experienced the care of a mother like Mamang’s – I’m happy to have shared her with them. But I was also sorry at the same time that they cried and begged Mamang not to leave them. It had to happen though, Mamang had to rest and get back home. It was time to reap the harvest of her hard work. I brought her to the PICC stage with utmost pride when I gave her and Papang my 3rd-place medal for the licensure exams in Civil Engineering.

Friends and brethren, this is God’s extraordinary love living in one of the greatest blessings I have ever received my whole life. I am honored to share with you the kind of mother whose happiness is not found on the personal things she receives, I can remember her always saying, “As long as I have complete ingredients in the kitchen, I’m happy and contented”. If you want to put a smile on her face, just bring her to the grocery store.  She had been, is and always will be thinking of making our stomachs full.


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