Untamed Stupidity

Just when you thought everything would be fine, you’re caught off-guard. Yeah, we all do make mistakes but some of them are just so severely terrible you’d wish to disappear on the spot.

>>Just passed the board exam
>>Got hired for my first job in Makati CBD
>>Met these two eggheads: Felix and Rauden

It was lunch break and we decided to dine in a near resto. When we got in the elevator, there were no other passengers except for the three of us. We pressed all the buttons on the elevator so whoever would get next to us would stop from every floor starting from the ground floor. To bring full satisfaction, we included the basement. We were very complacent. Who would recognize us anyway? The elevator was filled with laughter as we tried to imagine the next passenger. So, here it was. The ‘G’ indicator lighted up. We arrived on the ground floor and we were very eager to see who’d be the next passenger as we were having this stomach-aching suppressed laughter. And to our surprise, out of more than 6 billion people in the world, why, oh, why? It was Sir Alden C. Ong, the owner and executive president of our company (an engineering consulting firm). I silently screamed and shouted with all might in my head. Everything was not funny anymore as I thought of Sir Alden going to the basement, and back to the ground floor again, and stopping every floor up to the 3rd floor where our office was. And to add to the terrible feeling, I just thought that Sir Alden, while pressing the “close” button every after stopping-opening of the elevator per floor, was already mentally making the rough draft of our termination memo. The day after, I was called to the president’s office. I just waited for him to say Congratulations, Romyr, you’re fired!. You know what? I was there to discuss a new project. He never even mentioned what happened the day before. I would be happy to assume and keep this to myself that he understood what happened because he was once like us – young, silly and crazy.


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