The Perks Of Being An Engineering Student

The Perks Of Being An Engineering Student

Engineering is not just all about the proverbial sacrifices and sufferings of a college student. Here are the bonus, premium and benefits of it.

1. Getting a 75% mark feels greater than getting a girlfriend. That is the dividing line between life and death. From my observation, many don’t care for more. It’s either pass of fail. That glorious moment of hallelujah the moment you receive your report card with a 75% on that subject you struggled the most.

2. You don’t have to memorize brain-draining long lists of items for the enumeration part of the exam. We actually have a few items to memorize, but we mostly deal with analytical problems. We just need to understand the theory and we could go on from there. Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with those long, exhausting, brain-bleeding, confusing and tongue twisting words as pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism, pneumonoultramicroscopicsiliconvolcanoconiosis, and the likes that I don’t even bother to finish reading. They hurt my eyes.

3. Engineering classes are the most fun, noisy and lively classes to be in. Parabolas and hyperbolas are not just curved lines on the board. Our teacher must mark the vertex with a big dot to cater the perv crazy minds of the students. In return, the students clap their hands, stomp their feet and push their seatmates while cracking up in full support to the teacher’s clever move.

4. Most of the students from other departments don’t really expect us to be good english speakers. What a relief for that low expectation, and how flattering the compliments when they eventually find out that we speak english, too, aside from jabbering numbers and equations. LOL

5. The engineering students give “life” to the university. By that, I mean vivacity, ebullience and effervecense. What adjectives could I add more to highlight the gist? University week is boring without the brazen-faced engineering male students wearing sexy dresses, exposing nipples, and flirty dancing to the tune of “Superbass” in competitions.

6. The “extra chick points”. I really don’t know what’s with it but just the mere fact of being an engineering student either boosts or complements your looks. Whichever it is, yeah it’s really helpful. LOL

7. The Math tutor. Well, they expect and assume that all of us are math wizards, which is kind of a pressure (like around 414.7 Megapascals). Pretty gals from the nursing department approach us for their math subject. Thankfully they are only taking rudimentary math or we’d wish to be eaten alive by the ground if we put ourselves to shame by being useless jerks who can’t solve their assignments in basic algebra. We also get to earn extra money from tutorial sidelines.

8. Female engineering students are one of the coolest things in college. Because you know, they’re both female. . .and engineering students. And it’s cool.

9. We are crazy and at times, bully. But we don’t have competitions and crab mentality. We help and assist each other pass the course. Together we stand, others just love being an engineering student they decide to spend a few more years in college.

How about you? How did you experience your life as an engineering student?


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