Heinous Armpits

A team of scientists has classified the different smells human nose can detect into 10 basic types.

Having been exposed to different kinds of mighty underarms, I’m particularly interested to talk about this 1 type of smell. The “Pungent” smell. This type has distinguishing characteristics that you would notice the very moment someone with scarce bathing habit gets near you.

1. Offensive. You’re just sitting in your office on a normal day and you get mad at someone who’s only sin is being in the same room as you.

2. Sharp. The kind that sometimes doesn’t proceed to your lungs but pierces your forehead and gives you a migraine.

3. Strong and powerful. Has a detectable radius of at least 5 meters. Like an olfactory aura at its best.

4. Suffocating/Stifling. You would rather open the windows of the taxi cab and inhale the hot and humid air than die in a contained space under the wrath of the driver’s armpits.

5. Acidic/sour. You start to drool or salivate to the smell.

6. Stinging and Biting. It hurts your stomach as if something’s digging inside. You feel hungry but you lose the appetite to eat at the same time.

7. Sickening/Nauseatic. You are so stressed you want to take paracetamol.

8. Fetid. The evil and most sinful smell like someone eats 10 onions a day.

9. Repelling. Someone who doesn’t need a spray to kill mosquitoes at home nor mothballs to scare away cockroaches. . .and humans.

Yeah, I just ranted coz I can’t take it anymore. LOL


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