The Greatest Unanswered Question of Science

Perhaps one of the greatest philosophical questions that has ever bugged me is “Why do we exist?” This question has been occasionally  hovering in my mind for about 10 years now (since I was in High School). Other kids were preoccupied with things that normally preoccupy a kid (LOL). By that I mean probably computer games, night outs, etc. And I was there deviated from the mainstream squeezing my little brain of something I would never figure out. I was still not acquainted with the internet back then and the library had limited philosophical materials (I presume). So every single time my weirdness as a kid struck me while I gaze into nothingness or every time I had that X-ray-vision stares that penetrated walls and everything, I was always left frustrated for not finding an answer. So anyway, getting back on the track, why is there something rather than nothing? What if there is no existence? Would it just all be black? Or white? Or none at all? How would I even visualize it (nothingness)? This whole idea of infinite nothingness, purposeless absence of everything makes me want to take my brain out of my head and burn it.

It was until I came to realize that not all ideas are “substantive”. Darkness is just the absence of light. And you cannot take out a hole from the ground, lift it up in the air and say “This is a hole”. Coldness is the absence of heat. And this idea of nothingness is just the absence of something. We cannot say there’s no apple in the box when there is an apple in the box. Nothing cannot co-exist with something. Darkness is impossible when there is light. This is because these things do not separately and independently exist in and of itself.

So now what? Does this mean that existence is an unchangeable reality after all? This hasn’t answered my question yet. So why? Why is there something rather than nothing?

It’s 5:28PM (58 minutes past official working hours) and my mind has drifted into oblivion. My brain hurts. I probably need to get up and go home. Til next time, weirdos!


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