Rousing From The Mire Of Self-Inflicted Mental Torment

We never “lacked” – by that I mean we have been having every single thing we need to survive a day. Because otherwise we should have been munched on by worms 6 feet under.

Except that we haven’t been having the appropriate response oftentimes – contentment.

If we just pause and be still and look around, we couldn’t actually count the things that we ought to be thankful for. Blessings won’t ever be outweighed by things we consider as lack which are often just wants at all. We wallow too much to desperation for things we don’t have that we overlook the rest of the things that, say, made us get through the day.

From the very first thing in the morning that we are roused from sleep, that we are able to get out of bed, to the mundane things that we fail to appreciate – that we have hair to comb and teeth to brush. All through out the day, there we are distressed with the things which are out of our control, frequently for things that we can actually live without. Until we come from a long day still distraught. We can still unawarely and painfully afford to allocate time to grieve and torment our minds during the time that we should be resting. We even neglect to be grateful for making it through the day, for being able to get home safe.

Perhaps it’s easy to utter thanks to God for the protection He’s been giving us, but its turning into a cliche upsets me the most. If we consider it closely, ever since the very moment we were born and started breathing conceived inside our mother’s womb, we were never abandoned by that protection, never even for a single second. That may not sink in right away to us. But if we thoughtfully consider a person who just avoided an accident and contemplate on the worth of that 1 second that he was kept away from the scythe of death, that’s how valuable every second that we’re under His protection is. We are too vulnerable and unguarded from anything that could take away our lives at any given instant and at any given point on this planet, not just externally but internally.

How sure are we that our hearts will beat for the next hour or so? It could halt its prosaic throb anytime, any moment from now. The length of time that we will continue to possess this transient life is too uncertain to tell that it’d be such an unwise, unjust and imprudent act to feed it to an ungrateful heart.


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