I write for three purposes:

1. an emotional catharsis,
2. an analytical tool
3. and an avenue to connect with those who somehow think like I do, or at least experience similar funny or nostalgic or weird stuffs of life.

I write basically anything under the sun: childhood accounts, everyday anecdotes, poems, deep thoughts, rants and ramblings. I feel the need to write down what I think to organize my thoughts. Sometimes a lot of things (mostly random) are flooding my mind when I’m practically anywhere: walking towards home from work, sitting like a frog on the toilet bowl, procrastinating for 5 minutes (which usually turns to 1 hour) in the morning before finally getting up, etc. At those times of unprecedented prompts, I usually am not able to figure out what’s bothering me or what’s wrong. But when I start to write, everything magically falls into place. I can finally determine the ways on how could I possibly resolve a plight, share a positive feeling, rant for a purpose or just throw a jibber-jabber out in the open, the celestial skies, the stars and galaxies.


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